2022年度オープンキャンパス メディアアートゼミ(クリストフ・シャルル担当) - 2022 Open Campus Media Art Seminar (Christophe Charles)

Du Shiqi question.jpg

These collection of artists videos question us about Impermanence. Impermanence is what?

Boil up some water without a lid, it will first bubble up to the top, you wait a little bit and your pan will soon get dry and empty.

Where did the water go, did it disappear, or did it transform? What is common knowledge is no, water doesn't disappear, it transforms in its lighter form. We cover the pan with a lid to keep the water heating on.

How about love? Can we cover love with a lid? So it remains forever connecting together two beings? One video had a softly defiant take on this. We hear a mother tell her child "Te voy a amar para siempre" (I will love you forever). Is this an unrealistic promise? Or is declaring forever love, a defiant act in itself in a world where most things are so impermanent?

Im-permanence, I'm permanence, Am I permanent? When I go, what will be left of me? Objects hoarded and lost, foggy memories, journals and traces? In another video we can see the written daily routine of an artist, everyday objects, mundane moments, the present moment is the only thing.

In some videos, we see a car comes and go in the landscape, its lights seems impermanent. But 2 cars, then a multitude, it becomes traffic. Singularity is gone, but a multitude of things creates a rhythm, that also defies impermanence.

« The way things go » by the artists duo Fischli & Weiss, takes domestic objects, orchestrate them so their interaction creates a domino effect.

They design that catastrophic instant of imbalance, that leads to a regulated chaos. They convoke that ultra-focus on the urgency, and the anticipation that the present will inevitably escape and impact what's next.

Our intentions, were to create a link between the organic and digital essence of the all the works presented. We aim not only to find the harmony between each artist's universe, but to draw a story of how they impact each other. So as they go from one an other, they push us, further in the urgency of the present.

(text by Assiatou DRAME)




愛はどうだろう?愛に蓋をすることができるだろうか?そうすれば、愛は永遠に2つの存在を結びつけておくことができるだろうか?あるビデオでは、このことをやんわりと反証していた。母親が子供に "Te voy a amar para siempre"(永遠にあなたを愛するわ)と言うのが聞こえる。 これは非現実的な約束なのだろうか。それとも、ほとんどのものが無常であるこの世界で、永遠の愛を宣言すること自体が反抗的な行為なのだろうか。

Im-permanence, I'm permanence, Am I permanent? 私がいなくなったら、何が残るのだろう?溜め込まれ、失われたもの、曖昧な記憶、日記、痕跡?別のビデオでは、あるアーティストの書かれた日常、日常品、ありふれた瞬間、今この瞬間が唯一のものであることを見ることができる。


フィッシュリ&ヴァイスのアーティストデュオによる「The way things go」(事の次第)は、家庭用品を取り上げ、それらの相互作用がドミノ効果を引き起こすように編成している。 彼らは、アンバランスの破滅的な瞬間をデザインし、それが規制されたカオスにつながる。

彼らは、緊急性に超集中し、現在が必然的に逃れ、次に起こることに影響を与えるという期待感を呼び起こす。 私たちの意図は、展示されるすべての作品の有機的な本質とデジタル的な本質の間にリンクを作ることだった。それぞれのアーティストの世界の調和を見つけるだけでなく、それらがお互いにどのように影響し合っているのか、そのストーリーを描くことを目的としている。そうすることで、作品同士が互いに影響し合い、現在の緊急性をさらに高めてくれるのだ。



Leila WHITE-VILMOUTH レイラ・ホワイト=ヴィルムット

LIU Anqi 劉 安奇 リュウ アンキ 
我々は何者か、どこから来たのか Who we are, where we come from

Life on Earth originated in the oceans. Magical natural phenomena created basic single-celled organisms in the oceans that evolved over long periods of time with extraordinary vitality. Some creatures leapt out of the water and survived on land over hundreds of millions of years of natural evolution, and then finally became our ancestors.

In the human body there are still many marks from the sea. Our blood still uses sodium ions potassium ions for the balance of osmotic pressure. The womb we use for reproduction still follows the structure of the ocean, amniotic fluid is the ocean of fetus. The characteristics of the ocean have been integrated with us.

This video explores the origin of life starting from the ocean, through the forest, and entering the temple, based on a round diving goggle perspective. No longer observe the ocean with eyes, but observe by feeling that connectivity. We can experience that all kinds of creatures are connected and always supportive to each other.




Assiatou DRAME アシアトゥ・ドラメ

(...) but some of tings, that was not there
appears all at once from the endlessness,
then they go, immune from me, even you
Transformed, like never seen

(...) しかし、そこになかったもののいくつかが


Andres MADRUENO アンドレス・マドルエニョ
母 (Mother)


Life ends and things change, yet humans still try to defy the impermanent element in life through their actions. They tell stories of gods and eternal life, they make stuff from materials that last centuries, and they make promises. My mother told me that she would love me for all eternity. That's not entirely true because it is physically impossible, but I think it is not a lie either. To me, that promise is at the same time sad and beautiful.


ONODERA Natsuki 小野寺 成月 オノデラ ナツキ
House near the station


Let's check where I live (here): the things in this room, where I started living alone a year ago, are evidence of the past choices I made in my life. I am going to accept what is here.

JIAO Yuchen 矯 宇辰 キョウ ウシン
糸 thread


The beginning of the universe. Threads gather and exist as a substance. Substance is brought to life. I expressed that vitality sensually. I hope you enjoy the relationship between the body, music, and images.

LU Jiadai 魯 佳代 ロ カダイ
白いかご fetters


Many times we are in a cocoon and don't know it.

ZHANG Junkai 張 竣凱 チョウ シュンガイ
A Game

「再来:山谷の小さい芸術祭」の一部、パフォーマンスA Gameの記録映像:

Here is the video of performance ''A Game'' ,which is a part of ''REVISIT: Sanya Art Festival'':
On the road of Sanya two players start a game; Which follows the rules of ''Connect each part of their bodies with strings. They will try their best to pull each other to the end line. When all strings are broken, or one of them can't keep doing this anymore, or whoever finally reach the end line, the performance will end.''

OISHI Natsuki 大石 菜月 オオイシ ナツキ
隣人 Neighbours


The products purchased while relaxing on the couch at home come to us shaken in paper boxes.
When the paper boxes are done transporting, they are stacked, folded, or temporarily They sit somewhere in the house. And as I walk by them, I twist and turn my body, sometimes getting hit in the little toe.

HU Zhiming 胡 志明 コ シメイ
感覚ノイズ Sensory Noise

隔離というテーマを伝えたい、また サウンドアートやサウンドデンザンを中心に純粋な線を使って音の偶然性 感じや リズムを表現する。生活を観察し、色々なホワイトノイズや映像 音声を記録する。徐々に、自分で合成した音やシンセサイザーを使って、映像の原音をおき換えることで、画面のリズムによて 主観的なサウンドを実験することができます。音の様々な視覚的な形 ライブやパフォマンスと演奏の組み合わせに試しにしてみたいのです。

The video depicts the memory of a girl trapped in a ball in the age of covid. I want to convey the theme of segregation, and express the coincidence of sound, feeling, and rhythm using pure lines, focusing on sound art and sound design. Observe daily life and record various types of white noise, video, and audio. Gradually, experiment with subjective sounds by replacing the original sound of the video with synthesized sounds or synthesizers, depending on the rhythm of the screen. I want to experiment with different visual forms of sound, live performances, and combinations of performance and performance.

ZHENG Xin 郑 鑫 テイ キン
Strange Moon

The strange moon is in the sky.
Do not watch it directly.
Do not look at it.
There was a strange moon in the sky.
Looking at the moon,
Looking at the moon,
Things began to become strange. I forgot the troubles and pain around me. Looking at the tree that appeared in my dream, I stood on the grassland, on the sand dunes, I was a tree, I was a tree, deformed, deformed, twisted, quickly shaking, opened my arms, dont Give up, dont give up, blood is flowing, pain, continue breathing, breathing a hundred times, explosion, supernova explosion, and then, dont forget to dream. Dont forget to wake up. Wake, wake up, wake up. In the third year of the COVID19 epidemic, the world has not become better, and life continues. I pin my escape on the moon, which is so far away and within reach of the human world. In the near future, human beings will return to the moon again, and the conflicts on earth will continue in the moon palace. Everything is so strange. It seems that there is a magic that attracts the sea and affects people in the moonlight. I made this short film by using a large amount of materials and my own works to train AI, and using the training results for AI painting. At the same time, a single called Back to the Moon was produced to match the animated short film.


FUJITA Nana 藤田 奈々 フジタ ナナ
In the greenhouse


The plants in the greenhouse are silent. They just live and stand there, without making any claims or seeking meaning. I expressed the images to concrete poetry, which consists of the beauty of the letters themselves, and I superimposed the signs of the plants recorded in the greenhouse on them.

SAKAI Fu 酒井 風 サカイ フウ
For the two moons

埋め立てによって出来た土地である築地と月島は、勝鬨橋という開閉式の橋をシンボルとして有する。埋め立てによって出現した土地どうしを、開閉式という大地が垂直にせり上がるような橋が結んでいるのである。 何かが出会う場所としての「橋」から、月島側と築地側のロマンスを着想し、築地と月島がまだそれぞれの大地を持たず、海底で繋がっていた頃の記憶を召喚する。

Tsukiji and Tsukishima, land created by land reclamation, are symbolized by the Kachidokibashi, a retractable bridge. The land created by land reclamation is connected to each other by a retractable bridge that seems to rise vertically out of the earth. The "bridge" as a place where something meets evokes the romance of the Tsukishima side and the Tsukiji side, and fantastically summons up memories of a time when Tsukiji and Tsukishima did not yet have their own land but were connected at the bottom of the sea.

XU Xueqi 徐 雪琪 ジョ セツキ
世間話 Common talks


This film is based on small common talk with the owner of a restaurant while travelling with my friend.
Like wandering around an unfamiliar town, the small talk just moves forward without direction, turning and stopping, but not landing anywhere.

DU Shiqi 杜 诗琪 ト シキ


 What is the definition of the word meaning? Having purpose and meaning is often what motivates people to act. But does the act actually make sense? They try to create meaning by drilling through ice to make fire and other behaviors that seem to be fruitless. The work was filmed twice. They're in the same or similar places, doing the same or similar things in winter and summer. Maybe when you think you're spiraling, you're actually doing the same thing in cycles.

CHE Xiuwen 车 秀文 シャ シュブン
リミナル Liminal Spaces

頭の中でLiminal Spacesを撮影し、Liminal Spacesを理解した上で、その画像を編集し、一つ、あるいは一部を歪ませ、Liminal Spacesの要素を変えても本質が変わらないかどうか試してみました。

I took Liminal Spaces in my head, understood Liminal Spaces, and then edited the images, distorting one or some of them, trying to see if changing elements of the Liminal Spaces would not change their essence.

ZHANG Xinran 张 欣然 チョウ キンゼン
少女の空想 Girl's Fancy

殺された女は海辺に静かに横たわり、たくさんの声を耳にし、その胸には花が咲いている。 その花を通して、生と死という2つの人間の姿が見えてくる。 白い服を着ている人は生を、赤い服を着ている人は死を表しています。 2人は常に変化し、常に交互に入れ替わります。 二人は切っても切れない関係にあり、死んだ女の記憶が何度もフラッシュバックし、生と死の狭間で葛藤を深めていることを意味する。 最後に女は土に埋まり、彼女を殺した犯人の声が聞こえてくる......。

Impermanence: the moment of life and death, the constant alternation of life and death, the emptiness of time in the face of impermanence, the desire to live is the desire to die...
A murdered woman lies quietly on the seashore, with many voices in her ears and a flower blooming on her chest. Through the flowers, we see two human figures: life and death. The person in white represents life, and the person in red represents death. The two are constantly changing and constantly alternating. They are inseparable, meaning that the dead woman's memory flashes back again and again, and she is increasingly conflicted between life and death. Finally, the woman is buried in the ground and the voice of her killer is heard. ......

LEE Jaewon 李 宰源 イ・ジェウォン
腐敗の歌 Song of Corruption


Unbearable anxiety and stress. I struggle with lethargy and emptiness. I hear the screams of my repressed spirit. Anxiety and fear of myself that changes gradually. Sing sadly from the inside of your heart in an empty room where everything has changed. In a room of emptiness where everything has changed, I start singing sadly as if my heart is rotting from the inside out.

OUYANG Ye 欧阳 烨 オウヨウ エ
One night of talk


This video records a walk at night. It only uses the sound made by the body itself to have a dialogue with the objects related to the body. It uses "imitation" to create a dialogue with the objects just like a baby.

Kenta Nagashima 長嶋 健太 ナガシマ ケンタ
The objective reality of sounds


The sound of someone's footsteps, the roar of trees, the engine of a car, the sound of waves. At this very moment, the sound continues to ring everywhere in the world. But we cannot hear the sound of the other side of the earth. So is the sound real? Can you say it's really ringing? If we could hear all the distant sounds that we couldn't physically hear, what would we feel then?