Films by Luc Ferrari


Films by Luc Ferrari

10月17日(金)武蔵野美術大学 1号館103教室 PM18:00~

< 監督 リュック・フェラーリ ~ 作曲家が「それ」を撮影するとき ~ >


Screening of two films: "Les jeunes filles ou Société Ⅲ" and "Spontané Ⅳ", followed by a talk by Brunhild Ferrari with Shiina Ryosuke.

『少女たち、あるいはソシエテⅢ』(Les jeunes filles ou Société Ⅲ )
1967 / 独 / 25分
出演:Renate Gerlach,The Manchester Playboys 他
The young girls / Film 16 mm 25'
Production: TV Hamburg 3rd program NDR (in Germany).
"This film Is probably old-fashioned in the sense that it was a title based on fashion. Or it already became kitsch.
Anyway thls was In my idea, as a kind of Hétérorzygote in pictures." (Luc Ferrari)
NDR, Hamburg.


『スポンタネ Ⅳ』(Spontané Ⅳ)
1962 / 仏 / 15分
出演:リュック・フェラーリ、K・シモノヴィッチ、B・パルメジアーニ 他
Improvisation for eleven performers
"The performance of Spontane IV was filmed; the result was a short film in color 35 mm by Gérard Patris (June 1962). Four improvisations on an orchestral schema with the EIMCP Ensemble conducted by Konstantin Simonovic, as part of the instrumental experiments of G.R.M. I was in charge of." (Luc Ferrari)