2023.04. 6

2023/4/20: Klaus Filip, Christian Kobi, Radu Malfatti - Workshop+Lecture+Concert


2023 / 4/ 20 (木)
workshop: room 12-406
ワークショップ:12 号館 406 教室 13:30~16:30
lecture-concert: room 1-104
課外講座:1 号館 104 教室 17:00~19:00

The trio of Klaus Filip, Christian Kobi, Radu Malfatti explores the relationship between sound, silence and action in a particular space. Leaving the obvious virtuosity behind, they turn every concert into an unheard experience by concentrating on the process of the production of sound. During the lecture they will talk about that process and play pieces to explain and demonstrate it.

スイスとオーストリアからのクラウス・フィリップ(シンセサイザー)、クリスチャン・コビ(サックス)、ラドゥ・マルファッティ(ハーモニカ)のトリ オは、穏やかで静かな音楽に集中し、特定の空間における音、無音、行動の 関係を探求している。音作りのプロセスに集中することで、「コンサート」を 今まで聴いたことのない体験に変えていく。講演では、そのプロセスについ て説明し、実際に音楽を演奏して実演する。

■ klaus filip is a musician, sound-artist and programmer based in vienna. the main focus of his work are sinewaves, their representation in time and the thresholds of perception. as a sound artist he searches to cross sound and light. he runs a software project called ppooll that is widely used by improvising musicians all over the world. study of musicology and elektroacoustics in vienna. teaching position at the university of applied arts. co-curator of the rehaeat festival in nickelsdorf/austria.

■ christian kobi is a swiss musician and composer. his work explores the relationship between sound, silence and action in space. he studied music in basel, paris and zuerich, with a concentration in experimental music and improvisation. kobi performs and creates with various musicians, composers and artists in context of long term partnerships with artists such as phill niblock, jürg frey, taku sugimoto and keith rowe. since 2004 he curates the „zoom in" festival for improvised music at the minster of bern.

■ radu malfatti is a composer and an improviser based in vienna. some decades ago, he was one of the most important freejazz-trombone player and later improviser in the english school. after 35 ‒ 40 years he got saturated and was looking for new ways to compose and improvise which led him to the wanderweiser group and made him change from trombone to bass-harmonica. played on almost every important festival around the world. made countless lp's and cd's. in 2001 he started his own cd-lable "b-boim records" (so far 39 cd releases) .

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